Sunday, October 12, 2008

love drugs

you have your loved one's birthday coming up? or is it your anniversary day is just around the corner and yet you still haven't find a special gift for that special day? don't worry guys, what if you make a different surprise for this year's special event...? forget all the perfumes, shirts, clothes, frames, or any other plans which came across your mind since the past few days...n try this what so-called 'love drugs' you have any idea of what is the love drugs? you don't?its ok though, i mean, that why i'm here! to explain it to you, right...?hahaha,anyway,this idea was adapted from a Korea movie entitled ' A Millionaire First Love', with love drugs, you could make this present-to-be as a lifetime rememberance for him/her...

what you have to do 1st is by listing 100 reasons on why do you love that person...or why he/she is special to are some of the reasons of which i can share with you right now...but there're only 10, do find yourself the other 90 reasons,okay!=)

1. You’re my SWEETEST drug!
2. I don’t need to pretend to be HAPPY, it just happens~
3. When I walk out, you GRAB me back
4. Tears may drop, but you’re there to WIPE it away
5. In you, I found the other part of ME
6. Each time I think of you, BUTTERFLIES tangle in my stomach
7. You stay on the phone for HOURS even though there's nothing much to say
8. Sometimes, both of us are stubborn but you gave in FIRST
9. You used ‘WE’ instead of ‘ME’ =)
10. Regardless all the girls in your life, I’m your GIRL

okk,then there's only 3 simple ways to finish it up!

1. print those reasons on a colourful small sized papers...then you need to roll it...
2. buy yourself some softgel capsules at a pharmacy and fill them with the papers you've rolled before.
3. put 'em in a glass bottle, design your own label on the outside part of it just like a real medicine.

and now you are done!

come on, give it a try...your loved ones will certainly feel touched with the gift!

this is what you love drugs will look, what do you think?cool ha...=)